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    CLOSED THIS BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY! Back open like normal on Tuesday....


  • Fit Bike Co and Subrosa 2016 Complete Bikes Online!

    We've had a few more 2016 Complete Bike Ranges in now! Check out the likes of Fit Bike Co and Subrosa are ready for your viewing:



  • CrucialBMX MJ split from Demolition and is now riding for Verde Bikes!

    #CrucialGang Michael Jordan has recently made the decision to leave Demolition on good terms and partner up with Verde Bikes! I know MJ has already been on a trip with the style cats that make up the UK Verde Team and is loving it.

    I'm going to be dropping a bunch of stolen instagram clips from MJ ALL DAY on instagram - @CrucialScott to see what we post.....

    From the Verde UK TM Martyn Tambling:
    “The first time I saw MJ (Michael Jordan) ride was a few years back now, but I definitely remember it. He fully killed it at a local jam near me. I’ve been a fan of his riding from there on in, so having him join Verde in the UK is going to be rad. With his unique, crazy but classic style, and his general demeanor we’re in for some good times indeed. Welcome to the team buddy!”


  • EPIC TV - Work In Progress - Bob Manchester One Month Until The Jam!

    Saturday wouldn't be complete without a new new episode of Epic TV's Work In Progress! In this installment Bob Manchester talks about the last minute riding and testing of the line plus he visits the one and only Crucial BMX Shop to get his bike fully dialed in ready to send it at the jam on the 12th of September! PUT THE DATE IN YOUR CALENDAR!

    From Epic TV and Mike King:

    "The date of the jam is looming, and with less than a month to go we finally get a full look at how the line is running... But first it's a quick visit to Bob's shop sponsor, Crucial BMX, to gain an insight into what those dudes are all about, and the it's straight in for a quick local session. This series made possible by Hoffman Bikes, Stay Strong Clothing and Crucial BMX Shop Work In Progress - Bob Manchester - One Month Until The Jam | Fast Forward BMX, Ep. 25"

  • WTPxECLAT - 4 Days near Lyon featuring Jordan Godwin

    Darn, so many HEAVY clips from #CrucialGang Jordan Godwin in this video from WeThePeople and Eclat! Shout out to Sam Jones for killing it, and Frenchys for showing them around Lyon. Looked like a good time!

    From WTPxECLAT:
    "The Frenchys crew took Jordan Godwin and Sam Jones to join Theo Zannettacci, Robin Bourhis and Thomas Benedetti for a spot of red wine drinking and spot hunting."


  • Odyssey Parts Delivery and Sunday 2016 Complete Bikes!

    IMG hooked us up with a big delivery of two of there most popular brands; ODYSSEY and SUNDAY! Tons of BRAND NEW parts from Odyssey and Sunday grace us with their 2016 range of complete bikes which funny enough feature a bunch of Odyssey aftermarket parts as well....

    Odyssey Sean Sexton Grips
    Odyssey PC Twisted PC Pedals - NEW COLOURS
    Odyssey Clutch Freecoaster Hub and Guard
    Odyssey Anniversary Retro Seat in Pivotal and Tripod
    Odyssey Gary Young Pivotal
    Odyssey Tom Dugan Tripod Seat

    Click the banner below to view new and current Odyssey Products!

    Sunday Blueprint 16" 2016 BMX
    Sunday Blueprint 20" 2016 BMX
    Sunday Primer 16" 2016 BMX
    Sunday Primer 18" 2016 BMX
    Sunday Primer 20" 2016 BMX
    Sunday AM 20" 2016 BMX
    Sunday EX Erik Elastran BMX

    Click the banner below to view the Sunday 2016 Complete Bike Range!

  • Crucial Custom Race BMX Bike Check - Amelia Silvestre YESS PRO XL

    Here we have an absolute treat of a bike! This has been a pleasure to build and its great to see Amelia back on her bike! Thanks for letting us put this Black and Purple beast together for you:

    YESS PRO XL1 Frame
    CLIQ Forks - 20mm Bolt
    Crupi Integrated Headset
    BOX Delta Stem
    BOX Maximus Bars 8”
    BOX Genius Lever
    Odyssey Race Linear Brake Cable
    BOX Genius Brake Calliper
    ODI/Vans Lock-on Grip
    Crupi 27.2" Pivotal Seat-Post
    34R Moto Pivotal Seat
    BOX 31.8" Seat Clamp
    Shimano DX-R Cranks
    Rennen Chainring
    Shadow Conspiracy Half-Link Chain
    Kenda Conversion Tyres
    BOX Focus Rims
    CrucialBMX Titanium Spokes
    Profile Elite Hubs
    Shimano M530 Clip-In Pedals

    Watch out at a track near you!

    - Danny Taylor


  • CrucialBMX Glasgow DUB Street Series Road-Trip Video

    We haven’t done a UK road trip in a long time, the Trails Trip last year would have been the last one, so it was time to show the UK some love. When the DUB BMX Street Series put out the date for a jam in Glasgow we couldn’t say no!

    Gathering together our best street riders we then made the long 7-8 hour drive up to Glasgow, stopping in Stoke-On-Trent Plaza on the way up and a small Park Preston sort of way on the way back down!

    We had a blast and really enjoyed the jam, Glasgow has many many spots and we barely scratched the surface.


    Riders -
    Scott Summerhayes
    Emerson Morgan
    Jordan Godwin
    Jack Dumper
    Will Bennett
    Rob Harris



  • EPIC TV - Work In Progress - Bob Manchester From Malaga To Home!

    Start your Saturday off right with the next installment of Bob Manchesters Work In Progress from EPIC TV and Mike King! In this episode Bob checks out and shreds Malaga Skatepark and then heads home to get on with building his trails, can't wait for the Back-Yard Jam next month!

    From Epic TV:
    "Come explore a wicked new park with Bob Manchester and his mates - well, new to them. Then it's back to the sunny coast of Spain as he soaks up the last of the sun before heading home from Malaga. Work In Progress Episode 2 saw the crew cruising undeniably one of the best parks in Europe, but today they venture a little further a field to try out another park. Before we know it, it's back to gloomy England, swinging shovels in the yard... How are the trails coming along? Will everything be ready in time for the jam? You'll see. Thanks to Hoffman Bikes, Crucial BMX Shop and Stay Strong Clothing. Work In Progress - Bob Manchester From Malaga To Home | Fast Forward BMX, Ep. 23"

  • CrucialBMX Team riding the Zolder BMX World Championships!

    CrucialBMX would like to wish all their Team Riders Good Luck riding at the BMX World Champs in Zolder, Belgium this week.

    We wish Jason Hill, Lauren Hill, Mitch Bomroff, Mike Johnson, Zailan Johnson and our shop manager Danny Taylor all the best representing Great Britain.

    We also wish Liam Phillips good luck and all the Great Britain riders. We are routing for you all!!



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