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  • Updated Box Warranty Policy

    The guys over at Box have updated their warranty policy and it's now better than ever!

    We'll let the guys at Box explain how it's going to work: "In an effort to improve brand value and customer relationships, we have fully revised our warranty policies. We believe a happy customer is a repeat customer, and that no amount of spending in marketing is worth as much as customer that uses their own positive experience to influence others. By offering to replace defective or broken products, for life, we create a competitive advantage over other brands' products."

    In the new warranties policy Box have;

    - Removed all time constrains for filing claims
    - Removed requirement to provide proof of purchase
    - Simplified the claim process
    - Expanded the definition of broken products
    - Limited product return requirements
    - Created a portal at Box Components for consumers to fill out claims

    When claims are submitted, Box warranty staff will evaluate and respond to each inquiry directly. If you have specific requirements for providing warranty service we will direct the consumer to you after we have evaluated and validated the claim.

    In addition, the warranty claim process for resellers has been simplified. We believe by allowing consumers to interact with Box directly there is less burden placed on the reseller and consumers can be serviced faster.

    If you have any questions regarding Box's warranty policy either call us (0117 307 9096) or if you'd like to file a warranty claim please contact Box directly here.

  • Michael Suttle - Welcome to Stranger Bike Check

    Michael Suttle, where do we start? He changed location to Bristol at the end of last year to get involved with a fresh scene and has been making moves since! He’s an absolute wizard at going backwards and has brought a fresh set of eyes to our local spots, tearing them up with his own unique style.

    We are happy announce that 8 months after the move he’s getting some recognition; Stranger Bike Co are sponsoring Michael through Seventies Distribution and Crucial BMX.

    Fakie Bar at Central Park Plymouth by YOG

    Here’s a breakdown of exactly what he’s riding; be sure to follow him on Instagram @darkezyyy and keep checking back for his welcome video.

    Fun Fact – Mike works at the shop and if you’ve received an order from us this year it would have been packed by him.

    Name: Michael Suttle
    Age: 21
    FRAME: Stranger Piston – 20.75” Blue
    FORKS: Primo Pro
    BARS: Stranger Haze - 8.8”
    GRIPS: Stranger Piston
    STEM: Stranger Machine
    HEADSET: Primo Internal
    SPROCKET: Stranger Strangergram Guard
    CRANKS: Primo Stevie Churchill – 165mm
    PEDALS: Shadow Surface PC
    CHAIN: Primo 510
    REAR HUB: Stranger Ballast Freecoaster - LHD
    REAR RIM: Stranger XXL
    REAR TIRE: Stranger Ballast
    REAR HUB GUARD: G-Sport UNI + Primo DSG
    FRONT HUB: Stranger Ballast Female
    FRONT RIM: Stranger XXL
    FRONT TIRE: Stranger Ballast
    FRONT HUB GUARD: (Built In)
    PEGS: Stranger Team Pegs – 4.5”
    SEAT: Stranger Piston Pivotal
    SEAT POST: Stranger Long

  • 'CHALLENGE THE MACHINE' Maris Strombergs Video

    Double Olympic Champion Maris Strombergs came to the UK for a brilliant and unique event organised at Derby Race Track called 'Challenge The Machine'. The event was a success; participants battled it out setting times around the track and eliminating each other in different rounds of racing to work their way to battling Maris 'The Machine' Strombergs to try and take the win as the fastest rider! It looks incredibly fun and the feedback from the riders has been nothing but good, most riders revelling in meeting their idol.

    Loft One12 were on hand for the day to capture the bar-to-bar racing, interview riders and of course catch up with Maris. They put together this awesome video so hit play below and check out the visuals!

    Thanks to everyone involved and we hope to see this event coming to another track in the future!

  • FIT BIKE CO - FUK-IT Tour Day 2 - Crucial BMX

    I'll let the video do the talking! Big up Tony Malouf for putting it together.

    Big thanks to 4Down, FIT Bike Co and our killer local scene for making this jam a reality.


  • MITSUYO CREW | Weekender


  • Emerson Morgan - Welcome To FIT Bike Co

    Its awesome to see Emerson Morgan getting the recognition he so deserves!

    He's been quietly killing it in the Bristol scene for many years and is doing his thing with Yate Tape. Em's got way more to give, this is just the beginning, make sure you keep up with him on Instagram - @emerrrrrson


  • DOOMED Clothing Brand Video

  • Terrible One Now In!!


    The lastest drop of Terrible One goods has just landed, and those of you that know how few and far between these are, will know how fast you need to snap these goods up.  Check out some of the photos below and you will see how good the frames look.  We have limited numbers of the Ruben and Skapegoat frames as well as Classic bars, Ruben Bars, Grips, Sprockets, Pegs and more!


    Have a browse through the photos below and then check everything out here!


  • Introducing Forward

    We are pleased to introduce you to our new brand of race components; Forward!  Forward presents a line of price conscious components providing all of the core parts any racer needs at a reasonable cost while maintaining slick, good looking and functional products.

    This includes seat clamps, chain ring bolts, handle bars, number plates and brake components as well as full brake set ups in both disc and V-brake kits.

    You can browse the whole range here.  Give our helpful team a call if you have any questions about any of the components. (0117 307 9096)


    Monday the 7th of May is a Bank Holiday, we are going to be closed as we're heading out to ride our own bikes!

    Sorry for any inconvenience!

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