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  • DOOMED Clothing Brand Video

  • Terrible One Now In!!


    The lastest drop of Terrible One goods has just landed, and those of you that know how few and far between these are, will know how fast you need to snap these goods up.  Check out some of the photos below and you will see how good the frames look.  We have limited numbers of the Ruben and Skapegoat frames as well as Classic bars, Ruben Bars, Grips, Sprockets, Pegs and more!


    Have a browse through the photos below and then check everything out here!


  • Introducing Forward

    We are pleased to introduce you to our new brand of race components; Forward!  Forward presents a line of price conscious components providing all of the core parts any racer needs at a reasonable cost while maintaining slick, good looking and functional products.

    This includes seat clamps, chain ring bolts, handle bars, number plates and brake components as well as full brake set ups in both disc and V-brake kits.

    You can browse the whole range here.  Give our helpful team a call if you have any questions about any of the components. (0117 307 9096)


    Monday the 7th of May is a Bank Holiday, we are going to be closed as we're heading out to ride our own bikes!

    Sorry for any inconvenience!

  • Mafia BMX Jam at Asylum Skatepark!

    We are supporting the Mafia BMX Jam on Saturday 12th May at Asylum Skatepark! The jam will be happening 4pm till 8pm and we're holding our own 'rail jam' there so make sure you bring your pegs....

  • Pride Racing Now Available!

    We are pleased to announce the addition of Pride Racing to our extensive selection of brands.  From state of the art carbon rims to oversized stems, disc ready hubs and more, Pride Racing is at the forefront of BMX technology.  We are excited to see some of the builds that can be achieved using the arsenal of Pride parts we have available and hope that the brand breathes some fresh air into the UK market.

    Read a bit more about the brand below or have a browse here.

    From pride: "We created Pride Racing in 2014 as we wanted to offer very specific parts that we could not find on the market. The plan was to create high-end BMX racing parts that would cover riders needs for modern BMX racing and enable them to take their riding to another level.

    We are based in France, just 45mn South-West of Lyon and 30mn from St Etienne, one of the spotlight for BMX racing in France. The city offers a modern high-end track that held the ‘016 French Championships and the area provides a high concentration of top riders. Mathis Ragot-Richard, W1 TT ‘016, Romain Riccardi, ex top Elite, Cameron Porte with whom we are working very closely all live close by as well as a lot of other top riders.

    All our products are thought, designed and developed internally. We always start our projects from scratch in order to design exactly what we want without any compromise.

    Our close relation with factories and vendors allows us to work with the best partners to ensure our products are perfectly manufactured and up to the standards we set to ourselves.

    This is our best guarantee that riders will see and feel the difference when they ride with Pride Racing parts.

    s mentioned, we are lucky to be surrounded by a lot of top riders living very close from our office. That’s why from the beginning of Pride Racing, we made sure to partner with top riders who would be able to work closely with Pride Racing and help us to develop the best products.

    Riders are involved from the start of the projects up to the field-testing process period where we decide to take the project to production or to go back to our drawing board with our vendors.

    Riders bring us constant product feedback. No matter the conditions, they are out riding and this is the best fatigue test we have for our products.

    Because no matter how much lab-testing you do, riders feedback is the key element to ensure products are up to what is expected.

    Style does not make you faster, but style is part of  BMX racing ! That’s what every rider is looking for on top of speed. From the first laps you take at the track as a beginner, everybody tries to bring a bit of style to his/her riding.

    If you can combine style with efficiency, that’s a great combo !

    This is the approach we have with Pride Racing.

    We want to create products that make a difference and allow a better riding experience, but we also want to create products that look great and bring some style to your riding."


  • Crucial BMX 2018 BMX Racing Team announcement!

    We are pleased to announce our 2018 Crucial BMX Racing Team!

    These riders will be representing us in European, National and Regional BMX Racing Series and Events.

    We have new faces that have joined our team for the first time along with riders that we’ve supported for a number of seasons. Crucial BMX enable riders to push themselves to become the best BMX riders they can, achieving good results while maintaining a professional and unique image. Crucial BMX team riders are great ambassadors for the sport, acting honourably and portraying BMX in the greatest way possible, above all making sure that we keep BMX fun for everyone!

    Gary, Maria and Scott Summerhayes will be managing the team along with Hugh Copping and Darren Hunt. Cameron Smith from 'Smithys Photography' will be supporting the team throughout the year with photography.

    We want to give a big shout out and thanks to this years co-sponsors – Faith Racing Gear, Tangent BMX, ODI Grips and Vee Rubber. We also represent YESS BMX, Speedco, Avian, Ciari & Staats and Ridea.

    Here are the riders that we proudly support (Name – Class – Number):

    Matthew Bourne – Masters – 119
    Adam Brazil – Superclass – W4
    Libby Copping – Female 7 – 550
    Oliver Copping – Male 9 – 4
    Michael Gough – Veteran / 45-49 Cruiser – 8
    Aaron Holloway – Males 17-24 – 17
    Jenson Hunt – Male 8 – 746
    Taylor Hunt – Male 11 – 1
    Elisha Jamera – Male 7 – 01
    Itai Jamera – 6 & Under – 776
    Brett Knight – Veteran – 12
    Callum Knight – Male 17-24 – 9
    Alfie Lovell – Male 16 – 17
    Benjamin Martinez – Masters – 1
    Thomas Palmer – Masters – 10
    Alexander Talbott – Male 13 – 01

    We look forward to a competitive and enjoyable season!

    All photography below by Smithys Photography.

  • 420 JAM

    420 is one of our favourite days of the year and to celebrate we are going to not only be putting on a killer jam but we are going to be hosting the FIT UK Tour including Brandon Begin, Tommy Dugan, Austin Augie, Ethan Corriere and Tariq Haouche.
    These guys are going to be hanging out at the shop all day riding and meeting everyone!


    • - 2pm: JAM WARM UP

    • - 4.20pm: MEET AND GREET

    • - 5pm: HIGHEST HOP

    • - 6pm: JAM SESSION (Best Trick / Prizes)

    • - 8pm: BEERS AND MUSIC (or whatever)

    • - Live DJs and MCs from 3pm!

    Everything will be kicking off around 2pm and we will be hanging out until late, bring some beers and good vibes.
    We will have a full ghetto set up with prizes being given out throughout the day!

    • - Meet and greet your favourite FIT riders
    • - Brand new ghetto ramps
    • - Flat Rails and Ledges
    • - Prizes all day
    • - Win a Fit complete bike raffle
    • - Live DJ Set from Apollophox (Beat bandits)
    • - Smoke Loud UK pop up shop
    • - Good Vibes
    • - Giveaways
    • - Music

    Special Thanks to 4Down Distribution, FitBikeCo, Smoke Loud UK and Beat Bandits Records


  • BIKE MAINTENANCE - Hub Service!

    Do you have a Cassette, Instant-Engagement or Freecoaster Hub that's not running as it should?!

    Well this could be your problem; riding during the winter means that all the dirt and grime gets into the internals and causes grumbling bearing, poor engagement and corrosion. We recommend getting all Hubs serviced regular to keep them running perfectly. A simple hub service could save you money on buying a new hub later down the line.....We keep all replacement parts in stock should your hub need any replacement parts, although we will advise you on this before going ahead.

    We accept all hubs in our work-shop, if you are not local you can post your wheelset/hubs to us or pass them to one of our staff track-side.

    We look forward to servicing your components!

    Please email or call for all inquiries - / 0117 307 9096

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