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  • Bridgwater Skatepark Jam Video 2014

    A week ago today we held a little jam at the new Bridgwater Skatepark to celebrate the opening of it. The day was a big success and we had a brilliant time, here is a video that Jason Webber put together from the day:

  • 7 Awesome videos that have been doing my head in.....

    ....Because i've had them sat in a firefox page as tabs for weeks maybe even months, cluttering up stuff and generally slowing down my computer!

    I couldn't close them though, as they are all real good in their own way. Some of them are video's i've come across of local lads, some have been sent in via facebook and others well even i'm not sure how i came across them.

    Anyway, enjoy this video dump on a Monday morning as i'm sure 99% of these wouldn't of been featured on the usual TCU, Ride UK, FFWD BMX blog websites.

  • CrucialBMX Bob Manchester Winter 2014 Video

    CrucialBMX presents Bob Manchester Winter 2013/2014 Video! Bob has been smashing it around the globe for a while and here is a collection of clips that he's racked up.


    Filmed and Edited by Johnny Elia

  • DIG BMX and TCU DUB Jam Barcelona Video

    A couple more video's from the DUB Jam in Barcelona have surfaced now, check out these two completely different edits. Both feature clips by our lads! ooooooo kill 'em....


  • Back from Barca, back to reality (plus video)

    It felt like it was back to reality with a big crash as i drove to work this morning in the rain....

    Well what a bloody trip! I'll start by first saying that as a first time Barcelona go'er that it was absolutely everything that they say it is! The city is one giant skatepark, the girls are top notch, the weather is better (sometimes) and they sure know how to throw a party at Nasty Mondays. I will be going back out as soon as i possibly can!

    The DUB JAM was good fun too, bit of a shame that it got rained off on Sunday. The only day H2O fell from the sky. Quick thinking and with help from everyone got it back up and running the following day, however i heard that a lot of people had flights on to catch on Monday so a few big names were not present. It was also a bit of a shame that it just fizzled out at the end due to police interruption.

    All the guys i went with absolutely killed it; Emerson Morgan, Cappy Smith, Jordan Godwin, Cam Wheeler and Max Higginson. I can't wait to put together the dope clips we collected on the few days leading up to the jam. Its going to be a quick banger and i'm stoked that i think everyone including myself got clips.

    For now though, FreedomBMX already has have an edit out already with a clip of Emerson (no named rider in the Subrosa Acid T) and TWO clips of Max Higginson (No named rider with bright yellow frame), so CLICK HERE AND WATCH THIS (Sorry couldn't embed it)

     photo Homies.jpg

  • Southwest BMX in Barcelona Video

    I am so jealous of the bright, sunny and hot weather when i watch this; Then i remember that i'll be doing exactly the same in a weeks time with Emerson Morgan and Cappy Smith for the DUB Street Series Jam so its not all that bad.

    This video though, well its dope. If we come back with a video as good as this i'll be over the moon, so get watching it now!

    Jason Webber
    Sam James
    Sam Hardwell
    Sam Colclough
    Liam Mcdermott
    Mason Vowles
    Nick Tansley


  • CrucialBMX 'Taking Shelter' with Emerson Morgan Video

    We had some really poor weather in bristol for weeks on end, never letting it get to him Emerson decided to put it to good use and film some steezy clips at the Ghetto Skatepark on one of the brighter days...


    Filmed and Edited by Sam Wise Barrow

  • Damo Wilkinson Out In California - Again!

    Remember a couple of weeks ago there was a sick video of Damo and his crew; "Cambridge does California". Well now another video has surfaced but its featuring just Damo and he killing it even more! Including fresh clips and new lines, WATCH IT NOW...

  • Nic James X Doomsday Co Video

    Recent Bristol UNI goer Nic James gets stuff done in this awesome day edit for Doomsday Clothing Co. Incredibly versatile! Love seeing Nic ride! #CrucialGang

  • Cambridge does California Video

    This edit is sweet! Makes me extremely jealous of the weather that's for sure, Damo Wilkinson and crew go in for this web-edit by Inch Thomson! Looks like it was a sweet trip to California #CrucialGang

    Cambridge does California from Inch Thomson on Vimeo.

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