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  • Jason Phelan "Dream Follow Yours" Jack Dumper Video

    Shout out to Jason for making this awesome video of Jack! #CrucialGang

    Jason Phelan is a rad guy! Fair play for making this video of Jack Dumper #CrucialGang

    Posted by Crucial BMX on Tuesday, 31 March 2015

  • WhatYouKnowBout Winter Video

    South Wales crew coming in hard with that straight fire indoor skatepark footage! Incredible lines go down in Rampworld and Spit and Saw dust. Wrapped up in a sick tune and edited delightfully by Cam Wheeler.

    All the crew got clips; Alex Evans, Cam Wheeler, Dennis Humphreys, Jak Sewell, Jeran Griffiths, Jordan Godwin, Kiki Chung, Max Higginson, Nic James, Pete Sawyer and Rob Harris

    whatyouknowbout.winter from Cam Wheeler on Vimeo.

  • Eclat Young Bloods Part Two - Harry Mills + Jordan Godwin Video

    #CrucialGang Jordan Godwin is featured in the second half of this amazing two part video from Eclat Parts. His half GOES IN HARD! You must watch this RIGHT THIS SECOND....Shout out to Harry too for holding it down also....

  • Holly Bendall filming with Board Of Media!

    Holly Bendall is a girl of many talents, she is also very smart and has her head properly screwed on. It was great to hear that she is on the BMX and filming with a company called Board Of Media about gender equality in extreme action sports.

    We can't wait to promote this video when it drops, to see a sneak preview of her in action check out the picture and video below!


     photo 11012754_768787559866902_6796587937215696546_n.jpg

  • Cirencester Skatepark Video featuring #CrucialGang

    This cool little video popped up out of nowhere from last summer, Cirencester skatepark had just opened and we were there riding when they filmed this. At the time i had no idea we were actually being filmed but its cool that they included a few shots, in particular one of me doing a table out of the small mini-ramp....


     photo Lads_Cirencester.png

    Me - Table
     photo Me_Table_Cirencester.png

  • Emerson Morgan and Chris Doggett M32 Jibbing Video!

    CrucialBMX and Subrosa shredder Emerson Morgan got bare jibs in this new video put together by him and good friend Chris Doggett. Looks like these lads got themselves a light-capturing device so expect a lot more of this sort of stuff this year....

    #CrucialGang #DIYForLife #M32

  • Hit and Run DC X Animal Style Drift Video

    As anyone who knows me personally will tell you that cars and motorbikes are a massive passion of mine outside of BMX. I've been doing track days for a number of years, sharing a car with my father but since the last part of 2014 i've been trying my hand at Drifting because like freestyle BMX i think its a great way to express yourself.

    This morning while eating my Weetabix i was doing the usual quick check around my subscribed Youtubes channels and found this new Hit and RUN DC X Animal Style - DCA Raleigh 2014 video that got dropped yesterday.

    YOU CANNOT TELL ME THAT THIS GUY IS WEARING A THECOMEUP CAT T-SHIRT! Unless someone in the car world has straight up ripped it off this must mean he riders or knows people that riders BMX yeah?

     photo ScreenShot2015-01-06at101752.png

    Anyway, i thought this was pretty cool. I recommend you watch the full video here if you're into it:


    The homies from South Wales just dropped their video, Dark Side Of The Goon, and its an absolute banger! We were fortunate enough to go along to the premiering night at Spit and Saw dust Skatepark and see it live whilst having a ride with the crew. It was a sick night and i look forward to more stuff like this in the future, you'll see some clips from the night in my new project coming out early next month.

    This is well worth the 25 minutes of your time so please get a cuppa and sit back and enjoy, here are the riders that are featured:

    Oli Aitken
    Jordan Godwin #CrucialGang
    Rob Harris
    Jeran Griffiths
    Alex Evans
    + Friends

    I believe it was filmed and edited by Rob Harris

    DSO†G from DSO†G on Vimeo.

  • CrucialBMX end of the year VX mix-tape!

    Its the end of the year, time to clear out some old footage and free up some hard-drive space so here is the last two years worth of random VX1000 clips that i'd been collecting for no real reason....

    Its starts off with a Street/Park Mix then goes into a Trails sections for the RumpyPumpy Jam '13 i believe!

    The riders featured are:

    Danny Taylor
    Jordan Withey
    Emerson Morgan
    Lee Enever
    Del Shepherd
    Michael Jordan
    Adam Dear
    Alex Boyd
    Jason Repper
    and probably a few people that i've missed out

    Mobb Deep - Up North Trip / Modest Mouse - Summer


  • Happy CRUCIALBMX Birthday to Jordan Godwin!

    Jordan Godwin, Happy coming out your mothers ****** Day!

    Peep this amazing Proper advert he was recently featured in and also check out the new video edit they just dropped.....HEAVY CLIPS with fellow team mate Sam Cunningham!

     photo ProperJordanGodwinAdSPSfinal.jpg

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