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    I was given the heads up from the crew that this would be dropping but boy it's nothing like what i expected. I'm my mind i saw 5 scrawny small-talk questions (ASL?), a heavy photograph or two because i know these lads deliver and maybe a few clips thrown together of local jibs...

    What actually dropped on DIG was a full intellectual interview with Rob that goes into detail about him as a person, his riding and also his own (DSOTG4LIFE) projects. Nick Wotton delivered a collection of topnotch photographs like always, quietly making himself known as the new SouthWest and South Wales go to photographer. Dreadlock steezing Cam Wheeler used every pixel that Sony VX could deliver to formulate a full video section that is MIND BLOWING and sure as hell deserves it rightful place on DIG....

    The video is embedded below but i strongly suggest you click my favourite photograph from the set and get taken to the DIG website to read the full interview and see the full line up of images!


    Rob Harris Smith Hard 360 by Nick Wotton

  • Crucial BMX in Lisbon 2015 Video and Photographs!

    We took 3 of our most standout street riders to Lisbon, Portugal for a week to escape the onset of winter weather. What we found was an unbelievable amount of ridable spots, which as far I know, were untouched. While the weather wasn’t exactly cooperative we had loads of fun and look forward to returning again in the future to finish off!

    Jordan Godwin
    Emerson Morgan
    Will Bennett
    Scott Summerhayes

    Filmed by:
    Scott Summerhayes
    Emerson Morgan

    1) Temples – Shelter Song
    2) Menace Beach – Lowtakin’

    Photography by Scott Summerhayes

     photo We_Made_It.jpg

     photo Me_Bike_Bridge_Water.jpg

     photo Emerson_TuckHip_BridgeWaterFront.jpg

     photo Will_B_BarSpin_WhiteBank_Thumbnail.jpg

     photo MondayToMonday_Group_Album_Cover.jpg

     photo Jordan_GapOverRedRail.jpg

     photo Jordan_Ticket_Machine.jpg

     photo Jordan_Emerson_Lisbon_Street.jpg

     photo Will_Jordan_Emerson_Castle.jpg

     photo Will_Emerson_Castle.jpg

     photo Group_Photo_Lisbon.jpg

     photo BoyBand1.jpg

     photo Jordan_Will_Castle1.jpg

     photo Jordan_Telescope_Together.jpg

  • Crucial BMX x Ride UK Test Pilot - Fit Pledge 2016 by Jack Dumper

    #CrucialGang Jack Dumper has a banger of an article that just dropped on RIDE UK!

    Back in the Summer he got to test ride the awesome Fit Bike Co Pledge 2016 in Red/Gum before it was released. He loved the bike and didn't want to part ways with it at the end of the day!

    Duncan Smith has taken what Jack said into account, put it together with some stunning photographs, and came up with THIS.

    Check out some of the highlights below along with a quick 'Behind The Scenes' video:

     photo Jack_dumper_360_DeanLane_Stump_Blog.jpg

     photo seat_Blog.jpg

     photo Bars_Blog2.jpg

     photo jackbike_Blog.jpg

  • SouthWest BMX in Barcelona 2015

    I like the SouthWest BMX guys, they are a bloody good bunch of lads and its awesome how as a group they always go on great adventures a few times a year! We all need to do more of this!

    This is a great little video from their most recent trip to BCN - The cheap booze might of gotten the better of them most of the trip but what clips they did get looked like awesome fun!

    Shout out to all the crew - Chris Spittle, Sam James , Nils Tjarnstrom, Jason Webber and Sam Colclough


  • Nikon DPS PHOTO: Duncan Smith – Ride UK photographer!

    Southwests number one photographer Duncan Smith has this awesome piece by Nikon about shooting BMX photographs, what motivates him and what gear he uses. All at Woodyard with #CrucialGang Bob Manchester. There's also a full interview on RIDE UK - He uses one of the photographs from our 2013 "This Is England" Trails Trip!

    CrucialBMX 'Is This England?' Trails Trip Summer 2013 from Scott@Crucialbmx on Vimeo.

  • Verde - Welcome To The Team Michael Jordan Video

    This is so NUTS! Michael Jordan destroys the trails, park and streets. MJ is such a machine and his effortless style blends perfectly with whatever he's pedalling towards.

    Stoked that MJ has some time quality in front the lens as he's been quietly killing it for years and deserves the recognition!

    Press play NOW

    Verde Welcomes Michael Jordan from Verde Bikes on Vimeo.

  • "Not Enough Booze" BS3-BMX in Latvia

    Tom "Dom" Hill, Mike Matthews and a bunch more of the Deanlane BS3 locals went out to Latvia on Vaction and to do some sweet riding. Check out what they came back with and dropped last week:

  • CrucialBMX 2016 BMX Race Team Announcement and Video

    We are proud to share with you our CrucialBMX 2016 Race Team!

    The rumours have been flying around about who’s involved and now we can release the line up. This team will be representing us at National and Regional BMX series meetings.

    In true Crucial style we didn’t just want to drop a boring list on facebook, so we teamed up with Burnham Race Track and had our first meet as a full team. The day was incredibly overcast and a little windy but this didn’t stop anyone from smashing gates and blasting straights!

    This team is awesome and will do us proud:

    Danny Taylor
    Lee Sweetland
    Tom Palmer
    Adam Brazil
    Matthew Bourne
    Aaron Holloway
    Mitch Bombroff
    Daniel Leak
    Alfie Lovell
    Taylor Hunt
    Jenson Hunt
    Zailan Johnson

    We would also like to thank these brands for supporting Crucial and this years Team:

    Ride 100% Percent
    Faith Racing

    We put together a video from the day, go easy as I’ve never done anything like this before but enjoy. Big improvements next video! Make sure you switch HD on too!

    Song: The Sword - Suffer No Fools

  • EPIC TV - Work In Progress - Bob Manchester - The Yard Jam!

    A couple of weeks ago EPIC TV dropped the final episode of Bob Manchester and Mike Kings 'Work In Progress' series, this was by far the best edit to come out of day and i can't believe its taken me so long to post it!

    Do not miss this video, watch as all the hard work that Bob and his family put in as the preparation comes together on one beautiful British summers day!

    Filmed and edited by Mike King - Thanks for having us involved!

    (We also dropped a little jib from the day, i'll post it up soon)

  • CrucialBMX Ride UK and Go-Pro Competition Video - DAY 2

    Here is DAY TWO's video! Watch, Like and Share!

    Day 3 up at 12pm, 5pm and 8pm today on RIDE UK Facebook -

    Crucial BMX Jack Dumper supporting his store. Do the same - Get Sharing - Get Viewing. GoPro #GoPro #shopsession2015

    Posted by Ride UK BMX on Tuesday, 29 September 2015

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