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  • CrucialBMX Lee Enever Bar Spin to Fakie in town!

    Street slayer Lee Enever lays down a timeless bar spin to fakie on an extra awkward and very uneven bank in Stokes Croft, Bristol. This was used along with Chef who we posted yesterday in Ride UK BMX Basics Magazine.

    This was the first ever photograph i've shot using a 3 off camera flash setup.


  • CrucialBMX David 'Chef' Cook Table at Deanlane Skatepark!

    This was used in our double page advert in BMX Basics along with #CrucialGang Lee Enever!

     photo Chef_Table_DeanLane_Summer2014_FB_Smallcopy.jpg

  • CrucialBMX Barcelona 2014 Video

    This video was suppose to drop Sunday evening so i do apologise for it being a day late! Slight technical hitch due to copyrighted music, Vimeo was having none of it however Youtube is playing ball but it cannot be watched on a mobile device. Little bit of a bummer but at least its out there as there is no way i'm re-editing it.


    Back in march 2014 we went on a Crucial X Subrosa Trip to Barcelona to get involved in the DUB ‘Street Series’ JAM that was going on. The trip was amazing; great weather, good spots and a sick crew. It was all of our first time to the incredible city.

    We had 6 people on our trip, 3 #CrucialGang Team Riders and 3 local up and coming lads that were keen to tag along for their first out-of-the-UK BMX trip.

    Big thanks to Subrosa, Seventies and CrucialBMX for making this trip happen.

    Scott Summerhayes
    Emerson Morgan
    Cappy Smith
    Jordan Godwin
    Max Higginson
    Cam Wheeler

    Filmed badly by Scott & Cappy

    Song: Rick Ross – The Devil Is A Lie
    Instagram: CrucialScott

  • CrucialBMX X Deluxe Alex Boyd Brose Farm Video 2014

    With no warning Alex 'the trails boss' Boyd dropped this amazing edit from Brose Farm in Canada! This is a must see!

    Looks like Boyd has created a dope spot and strong scene around him, video's like this get me so unbelievably stoked. Plus its the first time i've seen Boyd killing it, especially with that 360, since he moved.

    Well into the laid back vibe of this and really hope to see more soon :)

    Over and out

  • Josh Milky and Frenchie slay Maidenhead Skatepark in this quick video!

    This is such a dope little video, CrucialBMX Josh Milky and his pal Frenchie get some lines down at one of their local parks in the heat. Some great stunts are pulled, definitely a quick must watch before going out for a session....

    Filmed by Reece Healey

  • Catching up with Emerson Morgan Vital BMX Video

    I'll be honest and say that it doesn't feel like any time at all since we last saw Emerson Morgan gracing the Vital BMX page with a sick edit, but looking back its unbelievably a year and 3 months ago. Goes to show how quickly time passes and how fast thing move on....

    Well here is the main man Emerson doing it all over again but this time he fills you in with a little talking about the awesome Subrosa UK Team he is now part of!

    Here is what Vital had to say; "When we first filmed Emerson Morgan, he was barely known. Since his Power Hour dropped, he's picked up some new sponsors, spent ten days filming for Brighton Ain't Ready, and is absolutely killing it. The amount of amazing, technical riding in this is pretty ridiculous..."

    Catching Up with Emerson Morgan - More BMX Videos

  • Local chills with Will Bennett & Darcy Ahmed at Emersons Green Skatepark Video

    Ma' homies Will Bennett and Darcy Ahmed spend a couple of bright and sunny days riding at their local skateparks (Emersons Green & St. George), so called 'chilling'. These clips are far from chiller, the lads go in and its an entertaining watch.

    I think my favorite bit is watching Will's Feeble to manual 180 bar clip! Steezy!

    Filmed by Sam Marshall on Tyler Naish's camera


  • Emerson Morgan Welcome To Subrosa UK Team Video

    It took a while, and there was almost a point in time where i thought this video might not ever see the light of day due to music clearance issues but today i can happily announce that Emerson Morgan's 'Welcome to Subrosa Brand UK Team' Video is live and available for everyone to watch.

    And that is exactly what you need to do, i'm not going to write any crap like i normally do. I'll just let Emerson and his riding do the talking so sit back and enjoy..

    From Seventies the Subrosa UK Distributor:
    "Emerson Morgan is now representing Subrosa in the UK alongside alongside Scott Ditchburn and Rich Forne , this is his welcome to the team edit filmed in and around Bristol by Sam Barrow"


  • Animal X BL Industries James Jones Keeping It Local with RIDE UK Video

    I have A LOT of time for James Jones, such a down to earth and legit guy despite being an absolute APE on a bike!

    Usually when a rider has anywhere near the skills that he possess they get a little bit big for their boots but not here, a total chiller and happy to help anyone of all abilities. I wish more riders would take this approach as it definitely gets you noticed, recently being hooked up with BL Industries and SONY this boy is going places! With James being a big part of the South Wales scene i'm sure you'll see him at a jam near you soon.....


  • CrucialBMX BMX Jam Competition at VolksFest Results

    Massive thank you to everyone that came along to our BMX contest at VolksFest the weekend gone! It was a great turn out for both Amateur and Professional categories. We had an absolute blast and can't wait to one up ourselves next year. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did for putting it on!

    Here are the results, starting with Amateur Comp:

    1) Josh Newman
    2) Linus Welsh
    3) Josh Osborn

    and for the professional category:

    1) James Jones - £150
    2) Del Shepherd - £100
    3) Billy Reeves - £50

    We look forward to making next year even bigger and better and seeing you there!

    Here are our amateur competition winners -
     photo Amateur_Comp_Winners.jpg

    and the homies who won 3rd (right) and 2nd (middle) of the pro competition, missing the winner James Jones thanks to Danny.

     photo Pro_Comp_Winners.jpg

    Also, here are a few clips from VolksFest 2014

    My filmer let me down and i didn't have any time to shoot anything so here are a couple of clips from Friday Morning of Cam Hardy and MJ. Then Danny was suppose to take a picture of me and the 3 professional competition winners but thought it would be funny to film so thats tagged on the end of this.....

    Cheers #CrucialGang

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