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  • CrucialBMX Glasgow DUB Street Series Road-Trip Video

    We haven’t done a UK road trip in a long time, the Trails Trip last year would have been the last one, so it was time to show the UK some love. When the DUB BMX Street Series put out the date for a jam in Glasgow we couldn’t say no!

    Gathering together our best street riders we then made the long 7-8 hour drive up to Glasgow, stopping in Stoke-On-Trent Plaza on the way up and a small Park Preston sort of way on the way back down!

    We had a blast and really enjoyed the jam, Glasgow has many many spots and we barely scratched the surface.


    Riders -
    Scott Summerhayes
    Emerson Morgan
    Jordan Godwin
    Jack Dumper
    Will Bennett
    Rob Harris



  • EPIC TV - Work In Progress - Bob Manchester From Malaga To Home!

    Start your Saturday off right with the next installment of Bob Manchesters Work In Progress from EPIC TV and Mike King! In this episode Bob checks out and shreds Malaga Skatepark and then heads home to get on with building his trails, can't wait for the Back-Yard Jam next month!

    From Epic TV:
    "Come explore a wicked new park with Bob Manchester and his mates - well, new to them. Then it's back to the sunny coast of Spain as he soaks up the last of the sun before heading home from Malaga. Work In Progress Episode 2 saw the crew cruising undeniably one of the best parks in Europe, but today they venture a little further a field to try out another park. Before we know it, it's back to gloomy England, swinging shovels in the yard... How are the trails coming along? Will everything be ready in time for the jam? You'll see. Thanks to Hoffman Bikes, Crucial BMX Shop and Stay Strong Clothing. Work In Progress - Bob Manchester From Malaga To Home | Fast Forward BMX, Ep. 23"

  • CrucialBMX Team riding the Zolder BMX World Championships!

    CrucialBMX would like to wish all their Team Riders Good Luck riding at the BMX World Champs in Zolder, Belgium this week.

    We wish Jason Hill, Lauren Hill, Mitch Bomroff, Mike Johnson, Zailan Johnson and our shop manager Danny Taylor all the best representing Great Britain.

    We also wish Liam Phillips good luck and all the Great Britain riders. We are routing for you all!!



  • BOQER123 at NASS Festival: Webisode 39

    NASS Festival was good fun, unfortunately we ended up camping near the Youtube stars called BOQER123 or something like that.....I'm sure you've all heard of the lads from Cheltenham/Gloucester and the awesome BMX channel they run. Check out their 'webisode 39' for the adventure that is NASS festival!

    There is definitely some heckling of our camp and my bike with its fresh new paint job in this video, don't worry lad i'll get you all back! #CrucialGang Sam Cunningham has some super smooth clips in here too.

    I urge you to Subscribe to BOQER123 and CrucialBMXShop youtube channels after watching this:

  • Jordan Godwin WeThePeople Bike Check and '5 On The Spot' by Endless Magazine!

    The content on Jordan Godwin that's coming out is absolutely mental, not only did that nuts video drop but he's got a WeThePeople Bike check and ENDLESS magazine 'Top 5 on the spot'....GO REWATCH HIS WTP WELCOME EDIT!

    To see Jordan's current bike setup so you can get ideas about what to buy next from us, follow through to the WTP site by CLICKING HERE

    If the top 5 questions by Bakos for his new magazine venture ENDLESS is something you'd like to read then CLICK HERE to find out the random inner workings of one of fastest up and coming street riders.




    These photographs were by Fooman!

    photo endless-mag-jordan-godwin-eclat-wethepeople.jpg




  • Jordan Godwin Welcome To WETHEPEOPLE Video


    Jordan Godwin is an absolute WIZARD on a bike, super smooth and crazy amounts of style....

    Here is what WTP had to say; "You might not know who Jordan Godwin is, which is about right since he hails from South Wales and a town you’ve probably never heard of. Hopefully though, after watching this introductory video you’ll be more familiar with him. The kid shreds basically and we are more than excited to welcome him to the WTP family."

  • Old and New School SE Bike looking a treat!

    These two dreamliners went out last week, looking awesome as you'd expect.


  • DIYBristol Cumberland Basin Building Jam

    We suggest everyone goes down to the Cumberland basin ghetto spot tomorrow from 11am to pitch in a hand to build something like what's under the M32 motorway! We all benefit from more spots so there is no reason not too! Shout out to DIY-Bristol for arranging these great days, I'm afraid I'm working in the shop so won't be able to make it personally.

    Don't forget that our shop street ride kicks off at 4pm so don't stay too long haha....

     photo 1019669779658160206_1394763693.jpg

  • Bob Manchester's Backyard Trails Jam Roll-In Complete!

    Mike King from Fast Forward BMX enjoys a cold beer after smashing out the roll-in with #CrucialGang Bob Manchester for his Backyard Trails Jam this September (12th)! This event is going to be so nuts, stoked we could be a part of it and provide the wood...

    I'll bring you more information as we get closer, next up will be the guys riding them in for the first time.

     photo Bob_Roll_In_BackYard_Trails_Jam.jpg

  • Emerson Morgan at Cirencester Skatepark for Vital BMX

    The insane lines that Emerson Morgan pulls in this video makes it look like Cirencester Plaza was built for him! All filmed and put together by Chris Wilmshurst for VITAL BMX! Cheers guys!

    Even the legend Steve Olds drops in for a couple of clips

    Don't miss it below


    Emerson Morgan: Cirencester Plaza - More BMX Videos

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