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  • DIYBristol Cumberland Basin Building Jam

    We suggest everyone goes down to the Cumberland basin ghetto spot tomorrow from 11am to pitch in a hand to build something like what's under the M32 motorway! We all benefit from more spots so there is no reason not too! Shout out to DIY-Bristol for arranging these great days, I'm afraid I'm working in the shop so won't be able to make it personally.

    Don't forget that our shop street ride kicks off at 4pm so don't stay too long haha....

     photo 1019669779658160206_1394763693.jpg

  • Bob Manchester's Backyard Trails Jam Roll-In Complete!

    Mike King from Fast Forward BMX enjoys a cold beer after smashing out the roll-in with #CrucialGang Bob Manchester for his Backyard Trails Jam this September (12th)! This event is going to be so nuts, stoked we could be a part of it and provide the wood...

    I'll bring you more information as we get closer, next up will be the guys riding them in for the first time.

     photo Bob_Roll_In_BackYard_Trails_Jam.jpg

  • Emerson Morgan at Cirencester Skatepark for Vital BMX

    The insane lines that Emerson Morgan pulls in this video makes it look like Cirencester Plaza was built for him! All filmed and put together by Chris Wilmshurst for VITAL BMX! Cheers guys!

    Even the legend Steve Olds drops in for a couple of clips

    Don't miss it below


    Emerson Morgan: Cirencester Plaza - More BMX Videos

  • Colin Campbell's Crucial Custom YESS Expert XL Bike

    Shout out to Colin Campbell for building this awesome Yess BMX Expert XL frame up with BOX Components, Crupi and Bombshell parts! One stoked kid for sure...


  • Sam Cunningham Proper Bike Co Left Over Video

    Super excited for Sam Cunningham's return to Bristol this weekend! If you saw our post from a couple of months ago you'll see that Sam was off backpacking for two months around Vietnam, Thailand and all those sorts of places....Its looks like he had a wicked time and thoroughly enjoyed it, i'll see what ladyboy stories i can get out of him this weekend!

    Until then watch this PROPER BIKE CO video that Sam put together full of left over clips from trips that didn't get used. Coming back to a clean slate means that you'll be seeing something in the pipeline real soon from Sam and Crucial BMX.



  • Work In Progress - Bob Manchester in Malaga! Episode 2

    Darn, this is off the hook! Bob Manchester and Mike Kings 'Work in Progress' Episode Two! WATCH IT NOW...

    From Epic TV:"Despite being a 'pro rider' Bob Manchester spends 8 hours a day getting his hands dirty with hard graft on building sites. But there's a reason he does this job - he can walk away every day at 5:30, super amped to ride, no less. He proves it in this video with a weekend jaunt to Málaga where he rides the incredible park designed by Rubén Alcántara. The combination of such a perfect setup and Bob's formidable skills is nothing short of sublime. Work In Progress - Bob Manchester Rides Rubén Alcántara's New Park | Fast Forward BMX, Ep. 20"


  • Emerson Morgan Seventies / Crucial BMX / Subrosa Video

    Emerson Morgan got himself a cheap camera and Mac setup, testing the water last month with YOG's local skatepark video he has now come at us with a full edit of himself. Gathering up people to film when out riding Emerson has put together this interesting video full of sick lines and dope moves.

    From Emerson Morgan: "Been filming this for a few months after starting the year off with an injury. Big thanks to all the homies that put in the effort to come and stack clips with me, Mikey dayza putting in a lot of work! Subrosa BMX all day, huge thanks to Seventies Distribution and Crucial BMX Shop for keeping me rolling #CrucialGang"


  • Villa Road Trip - Malaga featuring Bob Manchester!

    I'm not quite sure what Villa Road is but they sure know how to do a good trip! Check out Bob Manchester and the rest of the Villa Road crew (Matt Priest, Inch, Lima and friends) sending it on the famous Ruben Skatepark, Trails and more!

  • Jack Dumper Welcome To The CrucialBMX Team + Vital BMX Video

    Jack Dumper has been going from strength to strength since he burst onto the scene last year. Getting coverage from a whole bunch of people that came through his home-town, Bristol. The Crucial shop visits last summer really put him into the spotlight as he defied physics and destroyed peoples minds. He went 'BMX-Viral' in our car-park doing a 5-tap and was an inspiration from that moment on....

    This year things haven't slowed down at all, Jason Phelan was in town with the Eclat/WTP guys and ended up making a short edit of him at Hengrove. That was a pretty big hit but then the almighty X-Games got behind the video and it went mental. Getting hundreds of thousands of views in no time. I believe they want Jack to complete in X-Games next year!

    While this is all going on Jack is constantly improving his skills, we have always 'flowed' Jack here at the shop and helped him as much as we can because he's a local rider but once Vital BMX and local filmer Chris Wilmshurt put together this next video of him we knew he had all the right attributes for the #CrucialGang.

    Attitude towards riding and life are bigger factors to me and the team than actual riding ability. If you don't know already then Jack was born with a small disability, he only has one full arm and hand. This however hasn't stopped him in the slightest, the way he looks a life is a true inspiration. Most people with a disability would not even think about picking up a bike, let alone 360'ing off a ghetto tree stump as you see below (which he did 3 times in a row, perfectly. Until we got the picture). Jack explains why he always has to ride in a hoodie, its pretty remarkable.

    I'm sure more will come across in this amazing video so i'll finish by saying WELCOME TO THE TEAM JACK!

    Follow Vital BMX, Jack Dumper and us on all the social networking.

    Meet Jack Dumper - A One-Armed BMX Rider - More BMX Videos



  • Hoffman Bikes "On The Road In Texas" with Bob Manchester!

    More coverage of #CrucialGang Bob Manchester!

    In this awesome video for Hoffman Bikes, Bob shows us around some of the popular Texas Spots! Put together by Johnny Elia!

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