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Pure Bike Wash Concentrate (200ml)

Pure Bike Wash Concentrate (200ml)

At Weldtite we’ve been making superb bicycle cleaning & lubrication products for decades. After a great deal of hard work by our development team, we’ve been able to make a range that is a real alternative to ‘traditional’ cleaners & lubes AND it’s totally environmentally friendly. So if the way you treat the environment is as important to you as the way you treat your bike, try it IT WORKS! And we stand by it.

Save on packaging and reuse your Bike Wash bottle. 200ml of concentrate makes 1 litre of Bike Wash.

Directions Mix: Dilute 4 parts water to 1 part concentrate. 200ml Concentrate + 800ml Water makes 1lite of Bike Wash.

Directions Use: Spray on and leave for 30secs, then brush or sponge lightly and rinse with fresh, clean water.