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Odyssey M2 Monolever

Your brake lever is the only thing that your hands come in contact with a side from the grips. The brake lever can have all science and fancy parts. But it doesn’t feel good to your fingers it’s useless. Since its introduction, the Mono-lever, has become one of the most popular Levers with even the most dedicated traditional lever users switching over. While it has a minimal size and shape, the design that went into it is anything but minimal. Every angle and edge was through about which you can feel when you pull it. Being one of the bike’s few contact points with your hands. The feel is everything. To expand in the proven design of the Monolever, comes the M2. Proving the most braking power with a Gyro. Based on the Modulever, the M2 uses Odyssey’s patented dual cable system, and the levers/hinge mechanism of the Monolever. The M2 comes with 2 special M2 dual cables (375/400), a dual cable coupler, and a single cable coupler, and a single cable coupler for use with any other cable, straight or Gyro.

  • Patented Dual-Cable System
  • Minimalist Hinged Clamp w/Smooth Underside
  • Can be run on the Flat or the Bend of your bars
  • Replaceable Hardware (eliminates striping the clamp)
  • Comes with M2 Upper Cable
  • Right Hand only
  • £29.99


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