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Ezra Switchable Freecoaster Hub

The Ezra Switchable Freecoaster is a marvel because of its easy switch system, change between a freecoaster or cassette hub in minutes. There are no other hub like this on the market! The change between freecoaster to cassette hub is done in no time and requires the following simple tools: a 21mm, 24mm wrench and an 8mm hex.


  • WEIGHT: 450g
  • CONE NUTS: CNC'ed 7075 T6 Alloy
  • AXLE: 4130 Heat Treated Hollow Chromoly Precision CNC'ed. The axle is broached at each end to accept an 8mm hex key/allen wench to make disassembly easier.
  • HUB BEARINGS: Precision sealed 6902RS2 sealed bearings.
  • HUB SHELL: Forged then CNC'ed from 6061T6 alloy. 36H ONLY. Features a groove to accommodate the EASTERN POP-N-LOCK HUBGUARD.
  • RATCHET RING: Heat treated Chromoly.
  • CLUTCH SPRING: Custom made spring to allow just enough tension to get the pawls moving
  • CLUTCH DISC: Delrin Precision CNC clutch disc
  • DRIVER BEARINGS: Precision sealed 6802RS bearing. Deep grooved to provide plenty of lateral strength.
  • PAWLS: Precision CNC'ed Pawls. 3 per hub. These are used in the cassette & the freecoaster mode
  • RETENTION SPRINGS (used in freecoaster mode): Precision made retention springs provide just enough down force to keep the pawls out of the way in freecoaster mode.
  • DRIVER: 9 Tooth RIGHT HAND DRIVE 4130 Heat Treated Chromoly Driver
  • EXPANSION SPRINGS (used in cassette mode): Expansion Springs are also custom made to push the pawls up with you use the hub as a cassette