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Lotek Fader 2015 Shoes

The Fader is Craig Passero's Pro signature shoe from Lotek. The 2015 Lotek range is ready for order and their entire range has had a major overhaul. The biggest change that you'll notice is that all shoes now have a much better shape. This is because Lotek changed from a cup sole to a vulcanized one on all models. Vulcanized soles allow the shoe to have a much more form fitting shape, it not only feels better on the pedal and on the foot, but also looks noticeably better.

The new range of shoes are glued with a much stronger adhesive, and once they are fully assembled they are baked in an oven to cure the bond between the sole and the upper of the shoe. Furthermore the sides of the sole (foxing) is now be a different density than the bottom tread. This makes the shoes more comfortable for walking without sacrificing any of the tread durability.

Last but not least Lotek have changed the insoles to a new Polyurethane compound that is softer and lighter than previous models.

All of these changes combined produce the best looking and most durable line of Lotek shoes ever.



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