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BL Industries Ideal Hub Set - Yellow/Purple Splatter

BL Industries iDeal Hub Set hand engineered and crafted from premium material at Bristol, England to a level of craftsmanship never seen before in the BMX industry.  “This hub exceeds all UK Civilian & Military aerospace sector requirements”.  This is a top of the range hub for BMX’ers that want a hub they can trust, every part of this hub has been engineered to an absolute perfect tolerance! Which means no “skipping” or “clunking” like you can often get with cheaper hubs. We have had more than 6 professional BMX riders testing these hubs on all disciplines for more than 8 months without a single issue.


  • Left Hand Drive
  • 9T
  • S145 Stainless Steel Hollow Axle
  • S145 Stainless Steel Driver with 4 Pawls and Springs
  • S145 Flush Stainless Steel Cone Nuts
  • 5 High Quality German Sealed Bearings
  • Hub-Guard Available
  • 377g Rear
  • British Engineered
  • All Parts Available Separately
  • Peg Friendly
  • With a 4-5mm Dropouts the alloy bolt will end perfectly with the axle (remove bolt washer when running pegs)
  • Available exclusively through CrucialBMX Shop


Although these hubs do not come with a “Life-Time Warranty” as such (which are usually not worth the paper they are written on) we will honour any problems where we feel like the hub has failed due to a design or manufacture. Neglect or abuse will not be covered.