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34R Titanium Spokes (Set of 18 Spokes)

Titanium spokes are extremely light, a whole wheel full only weights 99g! They are also just as strong but do require a bit more maintenance and up keep, the trade off can be well worth it for the rotational weight saving. With Titanium spokes you need to make sure your wheel is always correctly tensioned and don't even think about riding a wheel with broken or missing spokes. This will put to much load of others and they may snap due to the extra load. If you're cleaver and look after your bike then these are a worthy upgrade to shave off serious amounts of weight.

We sell our Titanium Spokes in packs of 18, this way it makes it simple for people who want to build up hubs with different sized flanges (EG: Profile Mini, BL iDeal, Propers etc....). 18 is enough for one side of a full wheel, if you would like 36 of the same size then please just add these 18 twice to the basket. Otherwise if you building a hub with different flanges you can select 18 x 186mm and 18 x 184mm to end up 36 correct sized spokes. Simple.

  • Only available in 186mm and 184mm sizes
  • 99grams for 36 spokes
  • Natural bare metal or Rainbow Colour